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C# / WinForm set transparent or translucent controls the background color

generative-art The.Net framework on the transparent color with very good support, in the Color class constructor, then the incoming said transparency alpha parameters.

But in the inheritance and System.Windows.Form.Control controls, can set the BackColor transparency, investigate its reason is unknown, but can be accomplished by means to make them perfect support transparent.

In the custom inheritance and   System.Windows.Form.Control type control code constructor, add control Windows style code as follows:

SetStyle (ControlStyles.SupportsTransparentBackColor, true);

The code can make controls can support a transparent color to the background, and then set the background color of the time, can be used to control the background transparency transparent:

BackColor = Color.FromArgb (50, 40, 60, 82);

Color.FromArgb the first parameter of the method is transparent value, value between 0-255, behind the three parameter is the RGB color component.

The strange thing is that, this method can make the inheritance and System.Windows.Forms.TextBox custom text box to produce translucent background, for an unknown reason, know why friends can make a explanation in the comments.

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