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Windows 7 SP1 rc multi-user remote desktop (termsrv. DLL new 6.1.7601.17514)

Bought a steak, the thought of lying in bed can operate the computer, did not think of setting it done for a long time.

Mainly because PC is Windows 7, originally does not support multiple users, the Internet has a lot to offer the crack patch is not used, as are for the windows 7 original, now Windows 7 update of the Sp1, and later on the remote desktop has played many patches, for example


And so, the old DLL cannot be used.Even if the force used, also in even the moments, breakdown (Remote Desktop Services services stop).

There is said to be installation kit, or to modify the Group Policy (http://wenku.baidu.com/view/4d89900b6c85ec3a87c2c5bb.html) I try, will not work.

Online said to manually change the DLL (http://www.yunsafe.com/thread-463-1-1.html), I tried it myself, to find the first value (to replace the 8B873806000039873C0600000F849ACE0000 B80001000090898738060000909090909090)

Later see foreign article (http://www.missingremote.com/guide/how-enable-concurrent-sessions-windows-7-service-pack-1-rtm#comment-form) in which termsrv.dll version and I systems (all 6.1.7601.17514), try, really can use.

File may be in the original post download, or in the http://115.com/u/15528525 download.


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